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Team-BHP Sticker Set

₹ 399
Set of 13 Stickers:
13 high-quality Team-BHP Stickers with 9 iconic designs in each set. More details in the product description below.
Free Shipping:
via FedEx Priority / Delhivery. Dispatch within 24 hrs.

Product Description

A Team-BHP sticker set consists of the following 9 popular designs:

1. Got BHP? :
The most popular Team-BHP question. Nope, it's not about mileage!
Size: 10x3"

2. Love Cars, Live Cars :
The catchline says it all. We love `em and we live for `em.
Size: 10x3"

3. Live To Drive (TWO included!):
It's the BHPians' favourite by far, and our updated set includes two of these! The vivid yellow with a touch of faux carbon-fiber is eye catching to say the least.
Size: 10x3"

4. (Clear) (FOUR included!) :
White & red text on a clear/transparent sticker. This is a small sticker that has the versatility to be stuck anywhere on your car, and is small enough to also be placed on helmets, motorbikes, or even your laptop.
Size: 8" in length

5. Redlining (Clear):
White, red, grey and black on a clear/transparent sticker. The shadows and outlines make this sticker work on a wide range of car colors, each creating a slightly different look. This is more of a embellishment than a shout-out-loud sticker. Thanks to BHPian "Shrivz" for the inspiration behind this design.
Size: 11x1.5"

6. Carbon Fiber:
The 'Driven By Team-BHP' text on a 'CF' textured background.
Size: 12x2.5"

7. Driven By Team-BHP (Clear) :
This popular sticker is back, albeit in slightly smaller form.
Size: 12x1.25"

8. I Drive Safe :
Make Team-BHP proud, by spreading the message of road safety. Thanks to member sinner for contributing this design!
Size: 10.5x3"

9. Team-BHP Logo :
Team-BHP's updated logo and tagline on a pitch black background.
Size: 10x3"

View the discussion with high-res pics of stickers on members' cars or view the stickers FAQ.

You are representing the entire community by putting a Team-BHP sticker on your car. Please drive responsibly.